UAVID 2.0 3D

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UAVID 2.0 3D -  3D Printer

UAVID 3D is premium high quality, big built size, full metal body and easy to use 3D printer at affordable price. 

India has very high level of humidity and dust environment. UAVID 2.0  3D printer strong body is designed and developed keeping Indian schools and students in mind. 


  • High Premium Quality Metal Body
  • Reliable, Stable, Easy to use
  • Low Price
  • Big Build Volume
  • Open source software
  • Digital screen

      UAVID 3D is for :

      • Students
      • Educational Institutes (schools & colleges)
      • Prototypers, Hobbyists and Designers 
      • Small companies

      Heating build bed suported multi printing material : Flexible, ABS, Wood, PV/Nylon, PC, HIPS, PVA, PLA 

      Optional : UAVID 2.0 upgrade with heated bed in Rs. 19,990



      Model: UAVID 2.0
      Net.weight: 12kg
      Size: 370(L)*400(W)*390(H)mm
      Power Input:  100-240V AC,1.5A,50/60Hz
      Adapter Input: 19V/DC,4.74A
      MAX power: 120W
      Print materials:  1.75mm PLA/WOOD/Flexible
      Printing size: 210(L)*200(W)*180(H)mm
      Layer height resolution 0.05mm
      Print speed: 30-300mm/s
      Optimum print temp.:  190-220C
      Software: Cura  
       File type: STL
      Connections: USB,Stand-alone,SD-card
      Operating System: Window XP/7/8,Mac OS
      Certificate: CE


       Note: Product Image and Details , Pricing can change without notice. Please email for confirmation on pricing and offerings. 

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