Leapfrog XCEL

Rs. 2,596,999.00

The XceL is the biggest printer we have. With the capabilities to make life-size prints at high precision, this machine can make any project possible.


  • Huge building platform; 610 Liters!
  • Perfect Level bed calibration (patented)
  • Cross platform wifi compatible
  • Automatic filament loading and detection


    The patented PerfectLevel™ auto calibrating system will save you time and money by efficiently calibrating the printer bed before each use for you. This way you can always rely on your printer to be ready when necessary. 

    Loading filament with the auto load function combined with filament detection, gives this dual extruder 3D printer the brains to know when to stop printing, giving you the time to swap filament. 

    Together with WiFi, storage and the latest software, make the XceL not only a large 3d printer, but also a smart one.



    We have developed new software to improve the workflow of 3D printing on the XceL. Controlling this dual extruder 3d printer is easy. The software can be accessed via WiFi on your phone, tablet and pc of this large 3d printer. This means that you can upload your print to the XceL and start printing without leaving your seat!

    With this intuitive software you can see in one glance how much filament there is left, how much time is left and pause or resume your print via WiFi. Accessing that one g.code from one machine and moving it to another machine can all be done via any device with WiFi and a browser.



    The XceL is a large 3d printer with a build volume up to 610 L. Its size together with the other main features –  minimum of 10 micron layer resolution, closed environment, dual extrusion - gives you a lot of new opportunities at a new scale.

    When prints get this big, printing time will also increase. To stay ahead of the game, and be bigger, but also faster, we have increased the flow of filament of the XceL nozzles. A regular printer would have a flow of around 6 mm3/second, where de XceL has an impressive flow of 45 mm3/second.



    The XceL is a dual extrusion 3D printer with a closed environment. The design of this unique and large 3D printer includes a sliding door that easily gives you access to your prints.

    A closed environment helps you get much higher quality in your prints by having a constant temperature during the entire process. And with bigger prints, print times do get longer, which means that a closed environment is paramount in getting consistency in your prints.



    • Layer height (mm)0.01 – 0.6
    • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm)1.2
    • Operation heated bed temperature80 °C
    • Heated printing environmentUp to 80° C


    • Body / ConstructionHigh-end engineered construction
    • Printer dimensions (cm)93.5 x 103.3 x 277.5


    • Printing speed (mm/s)
    • Max. flow rate (mm³/s)45
    • Travel speed (mm/s)180


    • Max build volume (liter)647
    • Max print dimensions (single extruder print) (cm)52.0 x 53.8 x 232.0
    • Max print dimensions (dual extruder print) (cm)52.0 x 51.0 x 232.0


    • Dual ExtruderYes
    • Stand-alone (USB)Yes


    • Nozzle temperature (up to)275 °C
    • Compatible filamentsLeapfrog Maxx Essentials PLA and Leapfrog Maxx Pro PLA

    For more information contact info@novabeans.com

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