Leapfrog Creatr XL

Rs. 415,499.00

The Creatr HS XL is equipped with a 4inch full color LCD screen and only 1 knob to control it. Its' extended body gives it a big building platform and the high speed printing capability can generate big object without giving in to quality.


  • Maximum print volume of 43 liter (27 x27x59cm)
  • High speed, 300 mm/s
  • Sturdy design


The Creatr HS XL is equipped with a 4inch full color LCD screen and only 1 knob to control it. Say goodbye to SD cards, run your Creatr HS simply from a USB stick. Preheat and start printing in less than 10 minutes (USB 3.0 compatible)..


HS stands for High Speed. With a print speed up to 300mm/s the Creatr HS will get you your prints extremely fast, without losing accuracy and quality. Use of light material minimizes the weight of the extruder carriage, enabling rapid prototyping and quick results for customers.

HS XL training


The complete structure of the Creatr HS XL is made out of standard industrial grade aluminum parts and therefore built to last. The accuracy of the printer is unaffected by temperature changes and does not diminish over time.



Our dual extruder allows you to print with two types of materials or colors at the same time, broaden your range of applications. Using two types of material is crucial when printing with support structures. Our water soluble PVA support allows users to rinse away the support structures after printing, leaving a clean and high quality print.

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The build volume of the Creatr HS XL is an impressive 270 x 270 x 590 mm making the maximum print volume 43 liter! This truly is the largest desktop printer in the market and provides its users with endless printing possibilities.

  • Printing up to 300 mm/s
  • Extremely large building volume
  • Dual extrusion, heated glass printbed
  • Easy set-up
  • Stand alone
  • Sturdy design
  • Compatible with e.g. ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon and brick
  • Professional software included


  • Layer height (mm)0.02
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm)0.35
  • Heated printing environmentUp to 90° C


  • Body / ConstructionAluminium extrusion profiles
  • Printer dimensions (cm)63.3 x 48.6 x 93.0


  • Printing speed (mm/s)300
  • Travel speed (mm/s)400


  • Max print volume (liter)43


  • Dual ExtruderYes
  • Stand-alone (USB)Yes


  • Compatible filaments ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, Brick, Hybrid transparent


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