LayBrick (Rough Textured) Filament

LayBrick (Rough Textured) Filament

Rs. 4,999.00

LayBrick (Rough Textured Filament)

LayBrick is a 3D printer filament that is a mixture of finely milled minerals with a polymer binder. This material can be printed on most 3D printers that use ABS or PLA filament. The filament has nearly zero shrinkage or warping. A heated bed is not required. The filament can be printed with temperatures from 165°C to 190° for smoother textures. Higher temperatures will yield a rougher texture.

The material can be sanded and marked with ink or paint.

This is an experimental material. You may need to experiment with speeds and temperatures to achieve the desired results. You should check with your printer manufacturer to see if they support experimental materials.

The material is sold in coils without a spool.

  • For use with 3D Printers
  • For use with 1.75mm diameter Printer

Spool Weight

1 kg


FDM Compatible



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