B9Creator resin printer

Rs. 462,099.00

B9Creator v1.2 Assembled resin 3d printer

The Assembled & Factory-Calibrated Version of the Genuine B9Creator arrives as a complete unit, ready to calibrate and print. The assembled version has been built to factory specifications, started, and tuned by technicians in our factory to produce fantastic prints right out of the box.  For professional users, the value of the assembled machine is outstanding.

Data Sheet

Printing Technology DLP
Printing Material Resin
Build Volume 57 x 32 x 203 mm
Layer Thickness / Print Precision up to 30 microns
Printer Dimensions 22" x 20" x 13" - Length: 22", Girth: 66"
Connectivity USB Connection
Printer Software free download from b9creator.com
File Input Format STL
Workstation Compatibility MAC, WINDOWS, Linux
Brands B9 Creator


Build volume varies, depending on resolution.

Resolutions in the x/y plane (horizontal) of 30, 50 or 70 microns are possible by adjustment of the projector's position and focus.

Resolutions in the z (vertical) build axis from 200 to 5 microns are possible via software selection.  (The minimum z axis "step" size is 5.0 microns.)

  • At the 70 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 104 mm (4.09″) x 75.6 mm (2.98″) x 203.2 mm (8.0″).
  • At the 50 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 96.0 mm (3.78″) x 54.0 mm (2.13″) x 203.2 mm (8.0″).
  • At the 30 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 57.6 mm (2.67″) x 32.4 mm (1.28″) x 203.2 mm (8.0″).

100 microns = 0.1 mm = 0.00394″

B9Creator can be used in multiple vertical :

B9Creator for Jewellers :


    B9Creator for University Research :
    B9Creator for Hobbyists :

    B9Creator can also be used for Medical, Prototyping & Manufacturing :

    DOWNLOAD Software:

    Comparison Sheet:

    B9Creator 3D Systems Projet 1200 Asiga Freeform Pico 2 Digital Wax 008J
    Build Envelope 43 x 27 x 150 mm 51 x 32 x 75 mm 65 x 65 x 90 mm
    XY Resolution (finest) 56 micron 39 micron 50 micron
    Accepts 3rd Party Resins No Yes Yes
    Cost of 1 kg of Manufacturer's Casting Resin Approx $1200 $350 for Supercast $650
    Machine Cost $4,900 $11,250 $26,000


    This package includes one kilogram of B9R-1-Cherry resin, two pre-coated B9 Vats.

    Warranty : 6 month, limited warranty.

    Optional Training : Rs.19,990

    Important Note: B9C do require a computer for operation; there is a USB connection on the B9C which must be attached to a computer for the machine to operate. 


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