3D Printing e-Studio - Training Centre & 3D Design Centre


Now with help of Novabeans you can open your own Novabeans e-Studio.

  1. To run 3D printing training centre lab
  2. 3D design studio to provide 3D printing professional services
  3. Help schools and colleges to setup 3D printing labs.

3D printing industry is growing into a multiple billion industry. Its a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneur who wants to add new revenue line of business. Differentiate your business & increase profitability with our industry-leading 3d printing and innovative branded products & services.

1) Novabeans is leading 3D printing educational solution provider offering comprehensive 3D printing education services for students, schools and colleges.

Novabeans in collaboration with University of Illinois, USA provides the only certified Additive manufacturing program in India. After successfully completing this specialized course, candidate will get certification from Illinois University, USA directly.

As 3D printing is used in multiple vertical industries. You have possibility to offer 3d printing training courses to various profile of students and professionals.

  • Schools and college students
  • Entrepreneur & business student
  • Art , Fashion & Design students
  • Medical & engineering student
  • Prototyping & Industrial design professionals
  • etc.

2) You can offer professional 3d printing services with ready-to-go Novabeans e-studio in your city.

3D Printing technology is used for both prototyping and personalised manufacturing, with applications in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Industrial Design, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Civil Engineering, dental and medical industries, Jewellery, Biotech, Fashion, Home Decor and many more.
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Printing can be provided in these materials: 

  • PLASTICS : ABS, Polyamide, Resin, Elastic Plastic, Alumide
  • STEEL : Stainless Steel, High Detail Stainless Steel
  • PRECIOUS METALS:  Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Rhodium
  • CERAMICS:  Porcelain 
  • FULL COLOR:  Full Color Plastic, Full Color Sandstone

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