Zmorph - All-in-One - 3D Printer

Revolutionary hybrid 3d printer for multifunctional and polymaterial fabrication. It will serve you as a versatile object-maker, for 3D-printing, CNCmilling, laser-cutting, and 3D-object scanning. Perfect for product development, prototyping, and small batch production. Bring your ideas to life and enter the world of endless creation.

ZMorph 3D printer is equipped with Multiple toolheads, and most popular accessories. Works with 1.75 and 3.0 filament (ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon and other). Allows multi-colour printing, as well as use of different materials like cake, chocolate or ceramics. Great also for working with subtractive techniques, such as 2d & 3d milling, laser cutting , scanner all and more. 

* scanner  and some toolhead are disconnected  









    Did you ever want to materialize objects with multiple materials and techniques ?

    This is the 3D printer you need, ZMorph 3d printer equipped with ALL TOOLHEADS you desire. It is created with flexibility in mind.

    With this device, you can print with |  ABS, PLA, PVA (water-soluble)  | nylon, woodfill, laywood, lay brick | 3.0 and 1.75 filaments | combine materials using dual head extruder | chocolate, cake and semi-liquid paste | ceramics | you can also work with subtractive techniques – milling wood, acrylics, laser cutting paper and cardboard | Scanner

    ZMorph 3D printer has modular toolhead design structure, you can buy only those toolheads which you need. Below you will find various popular packs to choose from.