Makerversity | 3D Printing curriculum pack

Rs. 19,990.00

Makerversity DIY is a pioneering curriculum of hands-on lessons for teachers and students everywhere. Simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making and hands-on activities into core curriculum subjects.

Whether you’re looking for new and engaging ways to teach Maths, Physics, IT or creative subjects, there’s a Makerversity lesson that can help.

Product List -  Per Student Pack

  • Lesson 1: Build your own greenhouse
  • Lesson 2: Build your own sandtimer
  • Lesson 3: Build your own workbench
  • Lesson 4: Build your own workshop stool
  • Lesson 5: Design your own interactive wall graphics Lesson
  • 6: Design your own pavilion Lesson
  • 7: Design your own team uniform Lesson
  • 8: Make your own cookie cutter Lesson
  • 9: Make your own measuring tape Lesson
  • 10: Make your own microscope

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