littleBits Basic Kit

littleBits Basic Kit

Rs. 7,999.00

LittleBits Base Kit India
littleBits Base Kit
What is littleBits?

littleBits makes an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. The winner of countless awards from Popular Science, Crain’s , Maker Faire and more. littleBits consists of tiny circuit-boards with specific functions engineered to snap together with magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming, just snap together for prototyping, learning and fun. Each bit has a specific function (light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc), and modules snap to make larger circuits. Just as LEGO allows you to create complex structures with very little engineering knowledge, littleBits are small, simple, intuitive, blocks that make creating with sophisticated electronics a matter of snapping small magnets together. littleBits are mistake-proof and every module & kit we make can work with any other module & kit allowing you to grow your library of littleBits and create even more possibilities.

What's in the kit?

The Base Kit is our introductory collection of littleBits and perfect for kids and younger makers just getting started with littleBits. Kit includes: DC Motor, Buzzer, Light Sensor, Bargraph, Button, Dimmer, Power, Wire (2), Bright LED, screwdriver, 9-volt battery + cable, 20+ page instruction/project booklet 


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