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THE WORLD'S FIRST - 3D PEN WITH COOL INK - Now Available In India !

CreoPop lets you draw 3D objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shapes you like. The possibilities are endless.  

Amazing Cool Inks

Our amazing selection of inks include elastic, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, aromatic and body paint inks. We even have ink that changes color with temperature and ink that conducts electricity made for school science classes.

  • Color inks

    3-ink package. ( Cyan, Orange Red) or (Black Blue Green)

    Choose your color. Let your imagination flow.

  • Glow-in-the-dark Inks (Crystal, Green Glitter, Red Glitter)

    3-ink package.

    Inks that shine in the dark. How about making a cool monster?

  • Glittering inks

    3-ink package. (Gold, Red, Silver)

    Inks don’t need to come in just a single color. We are making glittering ink as well.

  • Temperature sensitive inks

    3-ink package. (Blue to Transparent, Green to Yellow, Purple to Blue)

    The color changes with temperature. Try and see what happens.

  • Aromatic inks (coming soon)

    3-ink package.

    Make nice smelling objects for your car or your bathroom.

  • Elastic inks (coming soon)

    3-ink package.

    Make stretchable designs. Perhaps a dress for Barbie?

  • Body Paint inks (coming soon)

    For use on the body.

    Fancy making a tattoo or trying out a henna design?

  • Magnetic inks (coming soon)

    Create magnetic shapes.

    Why not make a fridge magnet?


    With each pack you get 3 x ink cartridge 

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