3Doodler Plastic Refills FLEXY

3Doodler Plastic Refills FLEXY

Please write to info@novabeans.com for Price and Order.

Each pack consists of 25 lengths of your chosen mix. The individual strand is 25cm in length and can produces approximately 280cm of doodling fun! 

Available FLEXY Mix Packs

  • Retro Flexy


  • For every inch of plastic the 3Doodler creates 10 inches of Doodle.
  • Compatible with 3Doodler 2.0 and 3Doodler v.1
  • Holds well to clothing (Doodle emblems on your threads)
  • You can now squeeze, stretch, and twist your creations - a truly dynamic 3Doodler experience.
  • 10 inch straight-cut strands 
  • Available in a 25-strand pack. 
  • Great for Doodling flexible, rubbery, bendable items 
  • FLEXY doodles have stretchable properties 
  • For best performance please set your 3Doodler to HIGH TEMP

Bulk Order Pricing: Contact:  info@novabeans.com for more information.

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