Bringing life to Classic Art

Using professional 3D printing technologies, the sculptures from the museums and private collections can be reproduced to fit individual taste, desires and styles. Users can select the artwork of choice and visualise in a stylish setting; selecting different sizes and materials. 

At launch the service offers replicas of selected works in both laser sintered nylon (polyamide) and cured transparent resin, with each material available in several different colors. Additional customization options, including casted and direct metal 3D printing, will be integrated gradually. 
Novabeans with its international partner began in its quest of democratizing art by developing a “cradle of technology” which will be set up inside several world museums within some of the world’s most visited and important cultural and historical sites. Visitors can pick up exact miniature replicas of the classic artworks present in each site. Through our platform they will also be able to create a customized replica of the artworks and have it delivered to their homes.  
Available in Polymide 
Available in  Transparent Resin
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