Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus

Rs. 296,399.00

Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus (+)


Bigger in every way, the Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus gives you all the space you need to print larger, more complex objects. And with its jaw-dropping speed, reliability and 20 micron definition, every print measures up to expectation.


Even with more space for complex prints, there’s no loss of quality. The lightweight print head brings your design to life with an accuracy of 20 microns. Overhangs and bridging are easily handled too, thanks to the dual fan print head. The radial scroll wheel lets you adjust heat even whilst it’s printing. And it will reliably print multiple large prints again and again.

Physical :

Weight: 21 kg [46.2 lb] 
Included Filament: PLA 
Included Spare Parts: Hot End Pack & PT100B Sensor 

Included Accessories: 
Spool holder & filament guide 
Glue stick 
Power supply & cable 
USB cable (for firmware only) 
Test print 
Hex wrenches 
User manual 
Dimensions: 35.7 X 34.2 X 48.8 cm [13.9 X 13.5 X 19.2 in] 
Assembled: Yes 
Electrical :
AC Input: 100-240V / ~4A / 50-60HZ / 221w max. 
Power requirements: 24 V DC @ 9.2 AMPS 
Software :
Supported OS: 
Windows XP+ 
Mac OS X 10.6+ 
Linux Ubuntu 12.10+ 
Bundled Software: Cura 
Supported File Types: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF 
Temperature :
Storage Temperature: 0-32°C [32-90°F] 
Operating Temperature: 15-32°C [60-90°F] 
Printing :
Build Volume: 
23 X 22.5 X 30.5 cm [9.0 X 8.8 X 12.0 in] 
10608 cm3 [633 in3] 
Build Platform: Heated 
Supported Filament: PLA, ABS, & CPE 
Max Layer Resolution: 20 microns [0.000787in] 
XY Positioning Precision: 12 microns [.00047 in] 
Z Positioning Precision: 5 microns [.0002 in] 
Print Speed: 30 mm/s - 300 mm/s 
Travel Speed: 30 mm/s - 350 mm/s 
Print Technology: FDM 
Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm [.1122 in] 
Extruders: Single 
Nozzle Diameter: .4 mm [.015 in] 
Support / Warranty :
Warranty: One-year manufacturer's warranty


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