RepRap Prusa Kit

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RepRap Prusa Kit

We are proud to present the latest evolution of the Prusa , the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community. Our more advanced version, offers significant improvements.

Safe and sound 3D printing made simple

The key innovation of the Hephestos is its cable-tidy. This enables us to position the cables at the top and rear of the device, ensuring they don´t interfere with the printer movements.

We have also achieved greater protection against burns by eliminating the heated bed and adding a protector to the extruder (the same one we designed for the Witbox). And since there is no heated bed, the energy consumption of the printer barely reaches 60 W.

We have chosen PLA as the printing material, as it can be used in a domestic environment without having to worry about odours (unlike other materials such as ABS). What´s more, PLA is a material that provides the best results in a short space of time.

You can also extend the Prusa with the Bed Expansion Kit that we have developed. It achieves a print area of 20 x 30 cm and more solid structure at the front and rear of the Y axis.


    • Recommended speed: 40-60 mm/s
      Maximum recommended speed: 80-100 mm/s

    • Very high: 60 microns
      Medium: 200 microns
      High: 100 microns
      Low: 300 microns

    • Printer without PLA reel (X x Y x Z): 460 x 383 x 430 mm
      Printer with PLA reel (X x Y x Z): 460 x 383 x 580 mm
      Print volume: 215 x 210 x 180 mm
      Box dimensions: 408 x 425 x 233 mm 
      Printer without PLA reel: 460 x 370 x 383 mm
      Print volume: 215 x 210 x 180 mm
      Printer with PLA reel: 460 x 580 x 383 mm
      Box dimensions: 408 x 425 x 233 mm

    • PLA, HIPS, FilaFlex, among others

    • Our own design extruder
      Finned heat dissipator with axial fan
      0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm filament
      Cooling nozzle for printed objects

    • Frame and base of powder-coated aluminium
      LM8UU linear ball bearings for the X, Y and Z axes
      Flexible couplings for the threaded bars on the Z axis
      Quick-change print bed system with clips
      Parts printed using PLA
      Toughened chrome bars for the X, Y and Z carriages
      B623ZZ axial ball bearings for the X and Y pulleys
      Igus cable-tidies
      4-point cushioned levelling system for the print bed
      Brushless axial fans with ball bearings

    • Ramps 1.4
      LCD screen with rotary encoder and navigation button
      100k thermistors in the extruder
      Mega 2560
      Glass base (non-heated): 220 x 220 x 3 mm
      Power source: 220 AC 12 DC 100W
      Heater cartridge: 40 W 12 V

    • Marlin-derived firmware
      Permitted files: .gcode
      Recommended software environment: Cura Software, Slic3r, Repetier, Kisslicer
      Compatible operating systems: Windows XP and later, Mac OS X and later and Linux

    • SD card reader
      Type B USB port

    • Own design extruder protector

    • 6 assembly guides 
      Quality certificate 
      6 assembly guides
      Quality certificate

    • Box weight: 9.7 Kg


Price is exclusive of Customs Duty, Shipping and Taxes. Contact for more information.

Note: Prusa i3 Reprap Kit is Open Source and is subject changes without notice. The actual product will be similar in specification but looks may differ from various brands and variants of the kit.

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